LLC General Requirements and Recommendations

(This is Part 5 of our LLC Series) The following are some general requirements and recommendations you should consider when operating an LLC:


Whenever the LLC managers or officers are signing agreements, documents, or correspondence on behalf of the LLC, care should be taken to include the LLC’s name in the signature block and to indicate the title of the manager or officer signing. An example of an appropriate signature block is included below:


By: _________________________

Name: John Smith

Title: General Manager

Failure to do so may lead, in the context of litigation involving a signed document, to including the person who signed the documents in the lawsuit in his or her individual capacity.


It is important to remember that the operating agreement and articles of organization of the LLC are the authoritative source of advice as to how to do certain things that will come up from time to time. For certain types of LLCs (normally those with a larger number of members), a form of operating agreement similar to the type of bylaws applicable to a corporation may be advisable or useful.


A number of small LLCs have found it useful to designate one of the officers, usually the secretary, to be the recipient of all “official” correspondence concerning the LLC and its relationships with the various government agencies with which it deals. This helps to avoid forgetting to submit certain of the regularly filed forms, such as the Annual Form LLC-12 (Statement of Information), which though simple documents can lead to troublesome problems if they are not taken care of promptly.


An important feature of post-formation LLC operation is to keep the LLC’s money separate from the personal funds of members, managers, or employees. Failure to keep these separate is a common problem with closely held or newly formed LLCs. Such a co-mingling of funds is often seized upon by LLC creditors and other persons suing an LLC as a reason to disregard the LLC entity and impose liability on the individual members for the LLC’s debts, obligations, and liabilities.

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